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Recent attendees at ISC West 2016 learned how solutions from Mobile Pro Systems are leading the the burgeoning remote and rapidly deployable video surveillance market. Our constantly improving power management and network configurations, along with the latest in camera, audio, lighting and intrusion detection devices created a great deal of interest and enthusiasm from many…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems in partnership with Hitachi Data Systems provided on-site user training to a Washington D.C. area police department. After delivering five Commander 3400 surveillance trailers, Mobile Pro Systems conducted a 2 hour training session on the setup and deployment of the trailers including safety guidelines. Over 25 law enforcement personnel were…(Read More)

Hennepin County Medical Center obtained security trailers from Mobile Pro Systems to aid in monitoring the construction site of their new $221 million, six-story medical building which will consolidate the medical center’s 40 primary and specialty clinics into one location. The project…(Read More)

After three weeks of intensive preparations, Mobile Pro Systems has moved to its new headquarters at 3150 Mike Collins Drive in Eagan, Minnesota. Our new space is fresh and ready for visitors with a beautiful conference room.  We are very excited about the new demo room where you can see any MPS product in action…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems and local dealer Peoples Electric recently deployed two Community cameras in the Minneapolis Ventura Village neighborhood. Community cameras provide high quality video recordings day or night using a combination of wired power sources and batteries which recharge and keep the cameras online even during interruptions…(Read More)

The destination city for thousands each year, Las Vegas is taking Axis PTZ and DRS Ultra Thermal cameras to the streets on MPS Commander 3400 trailers. Protecting citizens and visitors alike in the city that never sleeps is an around-the-clock job for Las Vegas PD…(Read More)

Congratulations to Kira Kazantsev (Miss New York), who was crowned Miss America 2015 on September 14. We are proud to have provided mobile security for one of America’s most beloved national events. Below, one of MPS Commander 3400’s monitoring the vicinity…(Read More)