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Mobile Pro Systems, in partnership with our local authorized dealer in Mexico, delivered two Commander 3400 Surveillance Trailers to Policia Bancaria E Industrial (PBI) of Mexico City. PBI plans to deploy the trailers in high crime areas, to monitor special events and high traffic areas. The trailers will provide them with enhanced surveillance and live…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems (MPS), a manufacturer of advanced mobile security solutions, recently announced an exclusive partnership with Lumizone Global, a global trader of steel and aluminum poles and related products, to integrate technology solutions by MPS with Lumizone Global’s outdoor lighting products. These integrated, turn-key structures, generally known as Smart Poles, are designed…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems and local dealer Peoples Electric recently deployed two Community cameras in the Minneapolis Ventura Village neighborhood. Community cameras provide high quality video recordings day or night using a combination of wired power sources and batteries which recharge and keep the cameras online even during interruptions…(Read More)

The destination city for thousands each year, Las Vegas is taking Axis PTZ and DRS Ultra Thermal cameras to the streets on MPS Commander 3400 trailers. Protecting citizens and visitors alike in the city that never sleeps is an around-the-clock job for Las Vegas PD…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems has announced several new standard configurations to its lineup of outstanding products. They Include: LOT VIEW 6000 – Which is based on our Power Sentry pole mounted camera. This standard configuration   primarily designed for Car lots or general viewing in any vehicle lot. The LOT VIEW easily mounts on existing poles with…(Read More)