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When large or long-term construction projects require a guarded presence, the MPS CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack & Gate Control platform serves as your all-in-one security solution. The CheckPoint features: Automated front and back barrier gate arms to control incoming and outgoing traffic with wireless remote control. Each 12 ft. arm is fitted…(Read More)

Participate in a live webinar specifically customized for you to develop a better understanding of those edges of difference that Mobile Pro Systems’ (MPS) products and solutions offer over currently utilized applications and competitors’ offerings! Our presentation platform covers: live, interactive video of our various solutions to maximize your understanding of how MPS products work…(Read More)

Camera trailers from Mobile Pro Systems can be spotted at government and other high-profile locations as more officials add mobile surveillance to their security details. Because domestic and foreign risks continue to rise, experts agree having multi-layered security procedures in place is essential. Risk assessments must also account for the fact that many…(Read More)

In recent months, Twin Cities’ Metro Transit Police have been using every tool at their disposal as they face a significant increase in reported violence on public transportation. Serious crimes, such as robberies, aggravated assaults and theft, were up 35% from 2018 causing concern to riders and officials alike.  In response, the agency implemented a…(Read More)

Mobile Pro Systems was privileged to assist IES Communications at their November 2019 sales conference in Phoenix, Arizona, by providing a Commander 3400 video surveillance trailer along with our own V.P. of Business Development, Steve Dunker, to lend a hand. This year’s sales event culminated with IES hosting their 18th Annual IES Customer…(Read More)

Now may be the time for your company to purchase equipment and take advantage of the increased limits for Section 179 deduction benefit available under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These incentives may make your purchase more economical, lower your tax liability and potentially conserve working capital for other immediate business needs. IRS Section…(Read More)

Retail theft is frustrating for businesses and law enforcement agencies alike. There are only so many eyes viewing internal store cameras; and, unfortunately, most shoplifters work quickly, walk out the door and proceed to stow stolen goods in their cars before a loss is discovered. The most disturbing trend in recent years is the growth…(Read More)

October 22, 2019, was a day of celebration for the Mobile Pro Systems team as we welcomed civic and community members to our headquarters to participate in the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event began with opening remarks by Rob Gornick, CEO and Founder, who greeted guests and went on to describe the origins of…(Read More)