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Rugged & Regulated: New Trailer Safeguards
MPS 2020 Product Redesign Series

MPS Falcon 3100 camera trailer at an archaeological site in Saudi Arabia.

MPS mobile surveillance products are used all around the globe in many different climates and environments. Protecting internal components from excessive heat or other potentially adverse conditions has always been a core design priority. These 2020 product upgrades strengthen our systems’ safeguards even more:

Higher Volume Variable Speed Fan in the Rack
Maintaining a reasonable temperature around your rack mounted hardware is critical. This new variable speed fan system provides a greater level of air circulation through the rack, and also add more turbulence around the heat producing hardware, resulting in more effectively cooling the hardware.

Direct Air Flow Over Chargers
Within our Power Control Module (PCM) we now include a variable speed high volume fan directly in the airflow of the chargers to ensure that the chargers remain sufficiently cool even in hot environments. The temperatures within the PCM are maintained, based on several temperature points including ambient temperatures.

Air Filtering and Positive Body Pressure
We added a 600 cfm variable speed fan to both cool the body of the trailer and supply filtered air, so the trailer can control dust intrusion in industrial environments.

Advanced Formula Powder Coating Exterior
New for 2020, all our components are powder coated with an advanced formula of powder coat that is more robust and lasts longer.

In 2020, we significantly redesigned the Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 models to further advance hardware reliability and the user experience. This post is part of a series introducing our new features. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.