More Eyes on the Street

Due to tough budgetary constraints, cities and municipalities are looking for new ways to amplify law enforcement’s capabilities. Video surveillance has become one of the most effective solutions police departments are using to improve community safety and reduce crime. Remote status and control with notifications are available as part of our Power Broker platform.

Serving as a Police Force Multiplier, Mobile Pro Systems products put more “eyes” on the street, allowing you to amp up protection coverage in crime hot spots.

From large scale event monitoring to neighborhood watch initiatives, our modular systems provide eyes on the action. The Mobile Pro Systems are fully scalable to grow with your future requirements and funding changes.
Mobile Pro Systems Citywide Map

Benefits of Citywide and Municipal Video Surveillance

  • Promotes crime reduction
  • Aids in verifying situations
  • Captures and documents events
  • Maximizes security investment
  • Improves community safety and relations
  • Improves local business environment
  • Provides foundation for ancillary sensors
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